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A charismatic mortician finds love when he meets David, a shy southern boy attending his grandfather’s funeral. Their brief romance is cut short when Patrick’s old flame tries to rekindle a relationship, and a crowded house party quickly turns violent. Emotionally shattered, David must  confront his feelings of betrayal and loss, while also learning to accept his sexual identity and reconcile it with his family’s faith. Inspired by director/producer Adam Swain Ferguson’s true experience. 



David J. Campbell

Portrayed By: Caleb Harris

David Campbell is known for his sweet nature and even sweeter coffee creations. He spent much of his time as a caregiver to his late grandfather. Last year, David won a regional Barista Competition for his White Chocolate Unicorn latte. In addition to his caffeinated creations, David organizes weekend adoption events at the local pet store. 


Patrick L. Hunt

Portrayed By: Joshua Leomiti

Patrick Hunt is a bright light of the St. Richards community. As a certified grief counselor, he brings an authentic caring to the families at Rose & Williams Mortuary. A talented professional, Patrick has received advanced training in mortuary cosmetology. He brings a skilled hand and tender love to his clients. Outside of work, Patrick volunteers at the local 4H Leadership program. 

Mrs. Campbell

Mrs. Alice Campbell

Portrayed By: Sarah Parlow

Mrs. Alice Campbell is the definition of southern hospitality and refinement. Born and bred in the sweet southern town of St. Richards, NC, she’s been a pillar of the community since high school. A leader in her church, she has taught Sunday school, lead annual fundraisers, and spearheaded the county’s abstinence-only education program. Mrs. Campbell is a devoted homemaker and renowned cook. Her Bourbon Turkey is a local legend.  

Adam Swain Ferguson - Director
Directed & Produced By: Adam Swain Ferguson

I was compelled to direct "Patrick" because of my personal connection to true events that inspired the film; and as the basis for the protagonist, David. While Patrick is the titular role, the film largely reflects on David’s journey as an introverted young man that struggles with his sexual identity in the wake of love, loss and a humiliating betrayal. When David begins to develop feelings for a vivacious funeral director named Patrick, he must eventually learn to accept a part of himself kept concealed for most of his life.


As someone who struggled with my identity growing up gay in conservative small-town America, it felt incredibly natural to tell my own fateful story through David’s eyes. The best thing about directing “Patrick” was having the opportunity grow with David; we observe his character evolve from a timid twenty-something suppressing his identity, into someone that is self-realized and empowered. Through love and bereavement David is able to overcome a profound tragedy, accept himself, and learn to reject the status quo.

Caitlin Williams - Writer
Written & Produced By: Caitlin R. Williams

“Patrick” is every writer’s dream. Based on real life events it has romance, the battle for self-acceptance, characters we love to hate, and even murder. 


Our two lead characters are perfectly matched opposites. David is a humble hero; a sweet southern boy who finds a whole lot of courage. We get to feel his nervous excitement as he meets the love of his life; and the fear as he confronts a judgmental family. Patrick is a charismatic soul that you cross once in a lifetime; with the type of smile you can’t believe is meant for you.  We fall in love with them both as they fall in love with each other. Their story is punctuated with a vibrant cast of characters: From the fire and brimstone, alcoholic southern belle; to everyone’s favorite sarcastic barista. 


Having lived in a small southern town for many years, I knew right away it was critical to represent David and Patrick on screen. I see art as a tool for advocacy, and this film has allowed us to explore the necessity of self-love with a gripping tale of love gained and lost.

Music By: Danny Bemrose & Scars on 45

"Patrick" features an original score composed by Danny Bemrose, song writer and lead vocalist for the British alt-rock band, Scars on 45. In addition to contributing their classic track "Soulsaver", Danny has composed and recorded 3 brand-new songs for the film.

  • "Love Can Tear Down Walls"

  • "Tomorrow Never Knows"

  • "Til Then" - a collaboration with lyricist, Lisa Swain Bennett

Scars on 45 has a rich portfolio of music used in film and television including "Grey’s Anatomy” ,“C.S.I. New York”, “Supernatural”, and "Reign". Click the button below to listen to their 3 studio albums, including the latest, "Satellite Town" on Apple Music.

Behind The Scenes

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